How it works

Using Checkmate
Easy, fast, fail-safe…

Checkmate is an easy-to-use technology system that guarantees H&S checks are always completed perfectly and in accordance with best practice or audit rules. Using the system can be broken down into these four simple steps:

Checkmate Tag


Attach a Checkmate SurTag to all equipment that requires a safety audit.

Scanning a Checkmate Tag


Hold mobile device against the NFC tag to start the audit.

Audit equipment using Checkmate on mobile device


Complete the audit, taking pictures of any defects and save/submit.

Viewing Checkmate dashboard on computer


Audit results sent to specified staff, PDF reports created and the dashboard is updated.

Checkmate in Action

Checkmate SurTag

Equipment such as fork hoists are fitted with a Checkmate SurTag. Staff simply touch the SurTag with a Smartphone and a customised safety checklist appears in the palm of their hand. The list is easy to follow and enjoyable for staff to use. If a fault or a risk is identified, Checkmate captures a photo of the issue so that Managers can instantly see the problem and authorise for it to be fixed. On higher risk assets the LED light will flash red on the SurTag to warn of the unresolved risk.


Safety Checks are scheduled at pre-arranged intervals to meet best practice or audit standards and alerts are sent to the appropriate people if a check has not been done on time.

Control Centre

Checkmate’s Control Centre gives Managers and Owners total visibility across all assets at every business site in real time. They can rest assured knowing that perfect checking processes have been 100% enforced and that safety systems are working exactly as they intended.


Checkmate is used in a huge number of industries and applications. It’s perfect for any asset that needs regular checks and for deploying any business process that must be performed perfectly every time. Some examples of real-world Checkmate applications include:

  • Fleet vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Pallet racking systems
  • Fork hoists
  • Gym equipment
  • Security and building lock-up processes
  • Sanitation and cleaning
  • Agricultural equipment
Checkmate Tag on trailer
Checkmate Tag on switches
Checkmate Tag on shelving
Checkmate Tag on machinery
Checkmate Tag on loader
Checkmate Tag on forklift
Checkmate Tag on car

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