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Smart technology that is guaranteed to simplify and automate your health & safety process.

How it Works

Checkmate replaces unreliable and inefficient paper-based systems with a smart solution that’s faster, cheaper and more accurate.

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The easiest way to verify what’s been done.

Typically, paper-based audit systems are open to misuse and shortcuts. Checkmate requires users to follow a specific procedure and digitally records every step so you always know when a task has been completed.

The easiest way to know what needs to be done.

Keeping track of repairs and maintenance can be challenging. Checkmate gives you the control to instantly see at a glance what tasks require action, their current status and what still needs to be done. Plus, you can access the data from anywhere, 24/7.

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The easiest way to reduce risk and liability.

H&S Act infringements can lead to hefty fines and/or imprisonment. Checkmate gives you 100% adherence and compliance so there’s no more worry about whether checks have been completed or if appropriate safety measures are in place.

The easiest way to
sleep easy.

Checkmate is guaranteed to drastically improve existing health and safety processes immediately. We will install Checkmate for a modest installation and configuration fee. Then after 90 days, if you’re not completely satisfied with Checkmate, we’ll remove the system and refund the three months of access fees. No questions asked.

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